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How find puk code phone? - blurtit, A puk is the acronym for a personal unblocking key, an eight-digit code which is needed to unblock your sim card if the pin number is guessed incorrectly more than. Tracfone customer service complaints, reviews, ratings , Tracfone customer service ranks based upon user reviews and complaints - compare tracfone customer support to other companies. My lg cellphone locked puk code . !, I’m not sure what happened, but my at&t lg500 cellphone is suddenly locked up and insists that i need to enter a puk code. well, it says “puk pin code”, but.

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Fogot tracfone lock code ! - howardforums: mobile, I set lock code lg tracfone. havn' locked 6 months. today accendently mixed lock key "manner mode" key.. Tracfone promo codes ( safelink promo code), If safelink wireless mobile phone, safelink promo codes obtain extra minutes airtime.. How change security code tracfone, 2 responses avoid bricking tracfone. difference pin code security code? lynncancersurvivor december 2, 2011 09:16.

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